The Amazing Race 2018 Edition


The Amazing Race 2018 Edition

On Saturday, 21st July 2018 48 bikers from the BMW Motorrad Club Central Gauteng lined up at Cytech in the South of JHB to start their adventure. 

Our Film Directors


Welcomed with coffee, tea, muffins & scones the bikers were all in fine form.  Chief race organizer Rod Williams briefed everyone about the rules etc. & then we were off.  We had one indecent where a lady motorcar driver reversed unexpectedly causing Chris Hall to fall off his mount but thankfully he was unhurt & went on to complete the race.

The first challenge involved the homework that Rod had sent the bikers & luckily for the Ace of Spades they had done their homework & handed in a 100% complete answer sheet ahead of all of the other teams & thus they were off first.  The balance of the teams filed in behind them & all went off to their next destination in 90 second intervals.

The next destination was the Cambridge Crossing shopping center where our bikers appreciated some art & blew some kisses at a tart 🙂

 From there they were off to Lanseria Airport to meet Jorge & Isabel & have some fun taking more photos. 

Challenge 3 took our bikers back in time to the Wild Wild West.  Each team had a box of props & a beautiful backdrop to work with – they had to script, dress & act out a 10 – 20 second movie using the props & the backdrop.  The results were mostly hilarious, some a little naughts but all of the movies were great fun to watch & judging by the comments from the bikers great fun to make.  This part of the challenge was won, after much discussion by the judging panel, by the 8 of Hearts.  Well done to them.


After all that excitement we were off to Beginnings Cafe in Krugersdorp for Brunch!  For those of you reading this who have not been there we cannot recommend it highly enough.  The food was lovely – lots of homemade baked goods, tea, coffee, cappuccino all served in an absolutely lovely setting.  We do have to mention that a certain biker, who we shall allow to remain anonymous aka Ian Otridge left Cytech on one bike & arrived for Bruch on another.  Way to go Ian!

From there our route lead us to Parys where our bikers refueled their bikes & rode off into the afternoon to the final destination at Stonehenge River Lodge.

Arrival at Stonehenge in Africa

The 7th & Final Challenge was a series of Bike Skills tests.  Each biker had to:

  • Ride a 180 Degree Circle
  • Ride a tight Slalom
  • Ride a 15m straight line as SLOWLY as possible
  • Walk a 7m line heel-to-toe as quickly as possible – this was ostensibly for the pillions but proved to be   great entertainment for the organizers & on-lookers.

Well done to Heidi for her winning time of 6.69 seconds.

Special mention once again goes to Ian Otridge – his time for the Slow ride was 29.11 seconds but well done to Cliff van Der Westhuizen as the overall winner of the bike skills – his slow ride was 42.87 seconds.

Then there was just time for a shower before the evenings events.  The highlight of the evening was a presentation by Oom Jan Fourie from Impact Tours who is a registered tour guide for the Parys area & a subject matter specialist for the Vredefort Dome.  In just under one hour he managed to educate us all on geological structures such as the dome, meteorites & crater sites around the world – who knew that South Africa has two of the largest impact craters in the World Wide Top 10!  He also covered the fauna & flora of Parys and how the impact of the meteorite that hit the earth two billion years ago would have such an impact on the area & help ‘grow’ the gold veins within South Africa.

Our Amazing Race 2018 Edition Winners

After a really good dinner prepared by the Stonehenge River Lodge kitchen we had our prize giving & then everyone sat down to ‘kuier’ together. 

Prizes were awarded as follows::

Overall Winners Amazing Race 2018 – 10 of Diamonds.  Cliff & Sharon vd Westhuizen, Johan & Wilna Blignaut & Gottfried Knell.


Winners of the Movie Challenge – 8 of Hearts.  Ralf Schaffernicht & Chanell Grobler, Clive & Liz Porter, Gary Abrahamse & Maylah Pieterse. 

 Over-all Winner of Bike Skills Challenge – Cliff vd Westhuizen

Winner of fastest Pillion Walk – Heidi Erasmus

Special thanks were given to all of our sponsors:


  • Cytech for hosting the start & providing tea, coffee, muffins, scones & great hospitality.Thanks to Siobhan to for her delicious scones with strawberry jam & cream.
  • BMW MCC Gauteng for their sponsorship of our bikers.
  • BMW Motorrad Sandton for their very generous sponsorship of Caps & Tee-shirts
  • Stonehenge River Lodge who contributed a one-night stay with river rafting for our winning couples & also a 6-person river rafting adventure which was raffled off to great success.
  • Vents Brul for their sponsorship of their very special tee-shirts



After a hearty breakfast we all left for home